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Strategic Consulting

Exodus identifies, analyzes and clearly structures effective strategic business plans to ensure the smooth and expedient fulfillment of the clients’ objectives.

Corporate and Securities Law
Through the Company’s staff of securities attorneys, Exodus assists clients with all filings and documents required in a merger or acquisition.

SEC Accounting
Partnering with experienced SEC and financial accountants is crucial for the completion of a successful merger transaction. The full service public accounting firms Exodus retains acts as a liaison between clients’ independent auditors and the SEC. Additionally, Exodus provides guidance on the various accounting issues involved in the transaction.

Public Relations / Investor Relations
By utilizing both in-house expertise and the partnership with PortfolioPR, a financial public and investor relations firm, clients are provided direct access to the Wall Street investment community and to the investing public at large.


Secondary Financing
In select deals we will pursue secondary financing on behalf of our clients. If a public company is in need of capital in a short time frame we will introduce them to private investors who specialize in immediate financing.

Business Development
We draw on our experience and the experience of our professional network to make strategic introductions. These might include direct referrals to potential acquirers or strategic and marketing partners, or to senior investment bankers at major Wall Street firms. We provide referrals to accountants, and to professionals who can assist in the completion of a business plan.


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